The house is all framed up!

Framing went pretty much as expected, the framing crew was fast and skilled. Most of the time it was just two guys! The overall volume—minimally modern, yet easily fitting into the vernacular of American houses with its almost Monopoly-house shape—has me really excited. I'm also loving the two central windows that run floor to ceiling, and the tall ceilings throughout. All the spaces feel properly sized, and the layout and flow is perfect. The central staircase volume is really fun, as well, though the exposed glulam ridge beam took some small damage that I hope they can fix.

The backyard cottage is framed up, as well.

One annoying thing that happened is our roofer slipped on the schedule by 2-3 weeks. This wasn't acceptable to us, as we couldn't make progress until we are "dried in," at least as far as the roof. The rainy season in Seattle is starting, and I also didn't want the wood drenched (we did take some rain, but not much). So we convinced the roofer to slip in one day for us on his schedule, just to apply felt paper to the roofs. For that privilege, the roofer is charging us $1200. Grrr.. Unfortunately in this crazy Seattle construction market, we can't dictate terms easily.

Plumbing rough-in is almost done. Next is electrical and mechanical rough-in, and then insulation and drywall!


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