White walls and hardwood floors

Progress continues! Drywall went through several rounds of mudding and sanding.

This is pretty messy and dusty business, but Noble Ridge did a great job of cleaning up afterwards. Then the walls were primed, sprayed with texture, primed again, then given a sprayed drop-coat of white. There will be a final roller-applied coat of white later on. Choosing a white paint can be surprisingly complicated, with 100s of shades to choose from. I ended up going with Sherwin-Williams Extra White. Pure White is the standard white in most Seattle spec houses, and is slightly warmer, but I wanted to get as museum-like a white as possible, so I went all in. The other detail is drywall texture; I went with a sprayed-on, orange peel texture. More ideal would have been no texture at all, but this would have required level-5 drywall throughout the house, which costs mucho $$$. 

Next, the hardwood floors were installed! It took me forever to choose the hardwood. I wanted a light color, but with rustic, knotty texture to add some organic-ness to otherwise very museum-like, white, tall-ceiling spaces.  I also wanted a matte finish that wasn't too smooth; I wanted it to feel like textured wood to the touch, rather than plastic. I ended up choosing Shaw Inspirations White Oak Timber. It's pretty darn rustic!

Tile installation is ongoing. Siding is actually done, but I won't do a post on that until it's all painted.


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