Insulation & Drywall & Red Doors/Windows

Things are humming along, and we've now installed the second wave of windows/doors, insulation, and the start of drywall. One of my bigger splurges are aluminum-clad, Anderson Eagle windows and doors with fir wood interior and red aluminum exterior, including a 12-ft 4-panel sliding door that will eventually take me out to my deck. These windows are red because they will eventually be surrounded by red aluminum cladding. 

Next, insulation has been installed, namely basic fiberglass batts; R-21 in the walls, and R-30 in the ceiling to form a total of R-49. I also had them install insulation in bathroom and laundry walls, and under waste pipes, for sound dampening.

Finally, the first stage of drywall installation is finished; drywall sheets are installed throughout both houses. Over the next couple weeks, these sheets will be taped, mudded, and sanded in several iterations to form smooth walls and corners. But at this point I have opaque walls, and can truly feel what the rooms will feel like!


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